Alfred Turov

Alfred is a rough and tough man who grew up on Ripley. He likes weapons, and pudding.

Name: Alfred Turov Sex: Male Concept: Tough Guy Race: Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Abilities (Attributes) die Secondary Abilities
Agility d12 Charisma: 0
Smarts d4 Pace: 6"
Spirit d6 Parry: 7
Strength d8 Toughness: 10(4)
Vigor d6 Power Points: Nil
Skills die
Athletics: d4 -1
Intimidation: d6 -2
Fighting: d10 -3
Streetwise d4 Incapacitated
Shooting: d10 -2
Tracking d6 -1



First Strike

N: S: V: H: L1: L2:
5: 25: 45: 65: 90: 130:
10: 30: 50: 70: 100: 140:
15: 35: 55: 75: 110: 150:

Turov is from Ripley. He grew up there, but his dream in life was to leave Ripley and travel the galaxy as an explorer on a great starship. However, Turov never did very well in school and so it became very clear at a pretty young age that he would not be able to leave Ripley. Filled with resentment because of his lost dream, he became a bit of a bully in school. After barely finishing jr. high school, he joined the local militia at age 16 where they trained him on the usage of weapons, and tracking. Unfortunately after only 2 years he was kicked out of the Ripley militia because of his overly aggressive behavior.

For a short time it looked like Turov’s dream might become a reality. His good friend Putab acquired a starship, The Berrywood, and when he died it was turned over to Turov. Unfortunately he lost the Berrywood when its crew betrayed him, and helped the Bounty hunter Mubarak Malik steal it.

Alfred Turov

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